Voice of Customer Experience Named Best Domo App 2020

Turn Your Customer’s Voice into Action

Our Voice of Customer Experience platform gives you real-time insights into what your customers are saying about your services and products.

RXA’s Voice of Customer Experience (VoCx) application provides companies with insights into what customers are saying about their products and services. Using RXA’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, you can parse through millions of reviews, blog postings, and forum comments to identify what matters most to your brand.

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Social listening data is just the beginning for RXA’s VoCx solution. To stay competitive in the marketplace companies must collect, analyze and act upon all forms of data, including surveys, call center metrics, and mystery shopping. The list goes on. Our solution embraces the universe of data, applies the latest analytics available, and builds a roadmap for action.

RXA’s VoCx capabilities transcend others in the marketplace and perform the critical piece: show how customer opinions affect your KPIs. Using advanced analytics, RXA pinpoints the areas where you should focus to improve your customer relationships and in turn, impacts the resources that matter most.

How do we do it?

Through the power and partnership of RXA, we are able to understand and evolve our customer relationships like never before. Real-time contextual/situational analytics puts us side by side with our fans. Our self-service contact deflection increased by over 200% and resulting fan satisfaction has improved by 9% across all contact channels and now sits at a record high. We now have context in the moments of truth from our fans, with RXA’s real-time VoCx app. Up your game, work with RXA.

Douglas Kramon / ESPN

Sr. Director of Customer Operations & Fan Support
Sentiment Capability
The most comprehensive sentiment capability scours all social media, blogs and forums to bring all relevant customer sentiment to you. If it is being said about your company, we find it.
Real Time Support
RXA offers 24/7 technical support and automated alerts to ensure your data needs are covered.
Continuous Optimization
We monitor and customize our algorithms to adapt to your customer’s lexicon.
Data Visualization
The best and most flexible data visualization capabilities available. RXA easily builds your current tracking metrics into the VoCx program so you have one place to reference your KPIs.

Protect Your Brand

Improve Forecasting

Mitigate Risk

Establish Priorities

Case Study: Entertainment


An entertainment provider acquired a new streaming service and imposed a new purchase and viewing model for its fans. Given the changes, customer satisfaction began to decline. The provider needed to identify the gaps in service, triage, and ultimately determine if and how to adjust the model.


RXA’s VoCx solution allowed the provider to trend customer sentiment prior to a major event viewing, during, and after. This information, combined with the provider’s own call center data, yielded the results to make key business decisions. The provider was able to identify performance issues and put fixes into place including identifying the right staffing levels pre, during and post event.

Case Study: Retail


A major retailer was not meeting front of store sales targets and did not have a mechanism in place to identify the issues and how to address them.


RXA’s VoCx solution combined its sentiment data with the retailer’s customer satisfaction, call center, emails, and online reviews data and analyzed it in geographical clusters. RXA connected the data to show a 2.36% increase in the proportion of positive comments around customer service is associated with a $250k front of store revenue increase for the average store per year. Action plans and training programs were enacted at the store level to accomplish the increase.

Case Study: Automotive


Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Companies look to RXA to weed through the data amassed to find the most important information. An automotive manufacturer needed a way to quickly surface key themes when launching new vehicles in order to avoid safety issues and a costly recall.


Through RXA’s VoCx solution, the company was able to quickly identify a comment from an ambiguous forum, link directly to it and interact with the customer. The interaction led to identifying a product defect, a team of engineers duplicating it, and swiftly addressing the problem months before a costly recall could have been issued, potentially saving millions.

The RXA VoCx Platform

Deep Linking to Forums, Reviews, and Posts

Besides just showing you those terms, phrases, and themes that merit a critical eye, RXA allows you to link directly to the forum or post so that you can respond in real time. What good is knowing if you cannot take action? Get ahead of a negative trend or leverage a positive one and learn from your customers and detractors.

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Theme Detection

RXA provides theme detection and scoring to allow clients to identify those top themes that are emerging in the marketplace. Using a combination of term frequency and complexity, RXA scores each theme, allowing users to narrow or tighten the scope on those themes that matter. Combined with our sentiment scoring, you can see your top negative and top positive themes.

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Sentiment Scoring

Using artificial intelligence, RXA scores the positive or negative sentiment of each comment, post, or review at the sentence level. Using the score, you can dial in on the parameters of your sentiment to focus in on those comments that are truly detracting from your products or services in the marketplace. You can also identify what is resonating with customers and take advantage of those trends through marketing or outreach. Visualized in an easy to read positive, neutral, or negative grade, you can see what comments deserve your attention.

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While some phrases or terms may always be associated with your products or services, they do not always provide the most interesting insights. Using temporal comparative analysis, RXA’s AI engine can determine which terms and phrases are heating up vs those that are remaining level or declining. These may not always be the terms or phrases that you would expect, and they are not always the most common.

Using our Velocity Word Cloud, you can quickly see those terms or phrases that are gaining velocity from week to week. Organizations cannot afford to wait until a topic becomes the largest theme to enact a solution. RXA’s VoCx allows you to catch it on the way up and take action.

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Translation Services

RXA NLP offers translation services for all major languages. The platform supports over 100 languages for input and output. DTE Energy may have Spanish speaking customers, and the RXA platform will translate those comments seamlessly. Sentiment is run on the original consumer text.

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Data Integration & Analysis

RXA incorporates all data sources relevant to the customer experience into one easy to use platform. No need to log in to multiple locations. RXA works with all types of data streams, including historical data. We utilize advanced forms of statistical analysis to perform predictive modeling and establish priorities for action.

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Survey Design & Implementation

RXA also designs and executes survey strategies for its clients. An end-to-end solution for transactional, call center, event based, and brand based surveys focused on the customer experience can be deployed for your company. Integrate survey metrics with sentiment data to understand how the two impact one another.

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